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Nigel Eccles

CEO at FanDuel

Andrew Cleland


Managing Director at Comcast Ventures

Karen Fein


VP of Marketing at Hinge


Ryan is an exceptionally experienced and effective digital marketer. At FanDuel he has driven our highly effective digital marketing efforts.

Ryan is a user acquisition magician. Not only is he an expert in his field, but he is also an incredible teacher and advisor.

Ryan Faber

Ryan is a hands-on, experienced digital marketing practitioner across multiple channels. He not only knows the theory, but can find lesser-known undervalued pools of inventory.

A truly world class digital marketer. There are very very few who have the rare combination of skills and success that Ryan has. In my book, he is the gold standard 

Ryan is one of those guys who you will feel lucky to know, who always has your best interests in mind, and who works relentlessly on your behalf to crush your performance metrics.

Ryan is whom you turn to when you are ready to move you company marketing profile in to the stratosphere! Undoubtedly he has one of the more comprehensive and complete grasps of brand marketing needed for todays large consumer service plays.

Gaurav Misra


CMO at Vroom 


Andy Levitt

Noel Biderman

CEO at Purple Carrot 


CEO at Avid Life Media


Emmy Award Winning Producer


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